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Welcome to the UKWebAd Vinyl Book and DVD Page

Below is a selection of the best Vinyl Books and DVDs.

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ISBN 1840005114

This volume is a comprehensive guide to collecting vinyl records, and is suitable not only for those new to this huge and wide-ranging subject, but also for the more experienced collector who wishes to broaden his or her vinyl collection. The guide explores 50 years of music, unravelling the themes of music for collecting, tips on records to watch out for, and advice on pitfalls and dangers. The book is divided into the principal genres of music, such as Jazz, Easy Listening, Rock, and Blues, with further sub-divisions within those main sections explaining each type of music in more detail. Each of these sub-sections has listings of the most popular or most collectable records for that area of music, as well as fact boxes providing interesting, amusing, and valuable anecdotes on what makes a certain record collectable or how it came to be recorded.

ISBN 0879307137

From tips for evaluating recordings, to lively discussions of bootlegging, the history of recording formats, "most collected artists" and more, this informative and fun guide covers all the tracks. Garage sale hunters and web surfers alike will find over 20 categories with proven collector appeal - from vintage rock to Christmas music, soundtracks, and much more. Engaging essays and entries explore every medium ever used to transcribe music: the first vinyl 78s, 45s, 8-track cartridges, cassette tapes, LPs, CDs, MP3 and more, plus specialty items like colored vinyl. The guide describes the significance and collectibility of bootlegs, promos and imports, as well as 100 "most collected artists" from Elvis Presley to Bob Marley, and niche artists like Tim Buckley and Syd Barrett. Some artist entries include interviews with musicians and collectors, insights on rarities vs. regular releases, and helpful "what to look for" tips.

ISBN 0873496302

More than ten years after they disappeared from the mass market, the 45 RPM single is becoming more and more collectible. Covering 7-inch records and related items of all types - 45s, extended play singles, jukebox records and picture sleeves - issued from 1949 to 2002, this completely updated edition remains the most complete listing of "the little record with the big hole" anywhere. Containing nearly 75,000 singles, this reference lists all of them individually by title with updated pricing in up to three grades of condition. Prices are given in US dollars.

ISBN 1844110052

ISBN 0609809083

On reading the review of this book I bought it as I thought this would be an international book. However it is almost totally focussed on US. On searching the majority of my (UK) based rock collection is not present. So from now on I think I'll stick to record collector. But if your collection is also US based, and you can live with US valuations, then this seems a good book.

ISBN 0953260143

This volume is the eighth edition of the guide for the record collecting market.

ISBN 1841951854

The Great Metal Discography is the best guide to sonic extremity you'll find - with all the facts you need on amplified guitar abuse in all its multifarious guises: hard rock, heavy metal, thrash metal, funk metal, death metal, hardcore, grindcore, grunge, black metal and more. From the strains of Steppenwolf's Born To Be Wild accompanying Hopper and Fonder easy riding, and the pioneering tunes of Led Zeppelin - right up to the present, with poppier outfits like Ash ans Wheatus, and the moral-majority-shocking goth metal of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, this tome covers it all.

ISBN 1841955515

Here is the tome that tells you everything you want to know about everyone you need to know about: with thousands of hits from the likes of the B52s, L7 and U2 to the Four Tops, Sevendust and 10cc. You can check out a whole spectrum of info on Living Colour and Rainbow; as well as Pink, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Deep Purple, Blue Nile and Green Day. Gorge yourself on Jam and Bread: Meat Loaf and Vanilla Fudge. From one hit wonders to mega stars it doesn't matter the size: you'll find Big Audio Dynamite, Big Black and Big Country - and given equal weighting Little Angels, Little Feat and Little Richard. It's all here. An essential purchase for music lovers.

ISBN 1843308886

Rap-O Clap-O by Joe Bataan, How to Keep Your Husband Happy by Debbie Drake or I Dig Chicks by Jonah Jones; these are just tasters of some of the superlatively bad album titles and designs that have been made by artists and record companies in the last 50 years. Some album covers may be doomed to awfulness by the artist's bad hair; others by their terrible dress sense; many by an incomprehensibly strange choice of props. From Dave Stephens' Organ Fascination to Dennis Farnon's catchy album title Caution! Men Swinging, The Worst Album Covers in the World...Ever! takes a satirical look at 80 album covers whose sheer bad taste ensure they will have a place in the annals of music history for evermore. Accompanied by a fascinating history of the album cover, this book is sure to amuse both music buffs and design aficionados.

ISBN 0500285500

This compendium of 300 album covers from the late 1970s to the mid-80s will send Gen X-ers everywhere into nostalgia overdrive. It shows how the New Wave movement was defined as much by style, fashion and graphic design as the music itself - witness the ruffled cuffs and heavy make-up of the New Romantics, the skinny ties and porkpie hats of the Mods, and the unsettling robotic personae of Gary Numan and Devo. Bursting with wild hairstyles, futuristic typography, geometric shapes and outlandish clothing, these are the album covers that defined a generation and continue to influence music and fashion styles today. A nostalgic trek with a piercing soundtrack, This Ain't No Disco will inspire readers to don those rubber bracelets once again and proclaim 'let's dance this mess around!'.

ISBN 1568983581

ISBN 0811831345

When the record label marketers realized that their audience for the newly developed stereophonic albums were overwhelmingly young males, they employed an age-old strategy to encourage sales: place young women on the packaging. In the heyday of the bachelor pad, the record covers of such artists as Martin Denny, Esquivel, Andre Kostelanetz, Perez Prado, and many more were draped with alluring women whose charms transcended the strictly musical. Even the decidedly less hip entertainers like Lawrence Welk and the ubiquitous 101 Strings ensemble found they could reach a wolfish new consumer base with a little satin and cleavage. Author and collector Benjamin Darling takes us on a freewheeling tour of the various vixen genres and sub-categories, featuring one hundred of the most dazzling album covers from the bachelor era.

ISBN 0312304277


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